Mr. Ambrish Deshmukh

ClientMr. Ambrish Deshmukh

Folk House:
Art is the soul of every project. An attempt has been made to consider use of local Indian art, not just to contribute to the aesthetic value of the project but to also become a part of functional interventions. Each corner of the house speaks about the details and the treatments of necessary function are manifested in a unique concept to create a unique ambiance for this house. Softness and warmth is added throughout the house with the use of smooth lime plaster with teak wood cabinetries, throughout the concrete floor. The patterns and textures are tastefully chosen to create the required ambiance.

Thus, this house is the honest expression of clients’ ideology of an earthy house. A simple welcoming home for a young couple with diverse professions. Celebrating the beauty of naturally imperfect materials with the change in their poetic aesthetic value with growth and decay.

One of the rooms in this compact 2 bed room house is designed with demolition of possible partition walls to fulfill the need of multiple functions to be carried at different hours of the day, with a red wall feature sliding and folding to separate private areas from public space.