About Spaceitup

We believe in the power of Creativity. The most innovative designs blend, in just the right amounts, the context of place, the economies of finance, the physical tangibles and the intangibles of people. Creativity seasons the mix by adding excitement and surprise.

We believe in the strength of Dedication. Nothing great happens unless you will it to happen. The design is not a nine-to-five process; it is a lifestyle to which we have each given ourselves. This was not only a conscious decision but an inevitable conclusion, and it brought us all together at Spaceitup.

We believe in the relentless nature of Passion. Exceptional design has the capacity to transform our world, to make it more beautiful, more secure, more accessible and more valuable. This belief feeds our passion.

We believe life should be Fun. Creating living environments is exciting, rewarding and fun for us, and we believe in sharing these dynamics with our clients.

At the end, it’s about seeing the little details & the bigger picture and putting it together to create a functional, beautiful space you can enjoy for years.

Our Process

  • Information Gathering
    The first meeting with our client is to understand their needs, taste etc get a fair idea in order to process conceptualizing the design.
  • Concept & Design
    After the initial discussion we work towards creating a basic 2D design layout for a head start on the project without any consultation fees.
    After a confirmation from both sides, the designers brainstorm on creating the most efficient realistic design on 3D complimenting the client’s sensibility and considering the exact site conditions.
  • Project Planning
    Based on the design, we select the team best suited to execute it to perfection. A precise work sequence & schedule is planned and shared with all team members.
  • Build & Install
    The execution is minutely monitored at every step by our team for smooth execution. Due to high human intervention in the project, minor issues may arise at the site but we ensure that they are solved onsite only without the flow of work being disturbed.
    The complete handover of your space is given including warranties of products used and necessary formalities as per our T&C.

Apeksha Deshmukh

Admin / HR Head

B.Tech – Computer Science (Mumbai University)

Sneha Jajoo

Design Head

B.Sc. (Interior Design)
Interior Designer
Sculptor / Artist

Ar. Anand Deshmukh

Ar. Anand Deshmukh

Associate Designer

Mind Manifestation Design LLP
B.Arch (University of Pune)
MA Urban Design (National University of Singapore)

Ar. Chetan Lahoti

Ar. Chetan Lahoti

Associate Designer

Mind Manifestation Design LLP
B.Arch (University of Pune)

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