Residential Design

A wise man once said – ‘Your home is a reflection of your personality’. It is therefore not surprising that the concept of a luxury home is rapidly evolving and will continue to grow. When purchasing a new home or renovating an old one, there is only one thought that rules the mind- that it should be a perfect living space. We at Spaceitup realize these sentiments and build you a home that shall become your comfort zone and a talking point among friends and family.

We stand tall with our projects delivered so far, delighted with a 100% client satisfaction rate. The color palette suiting every corner of your home and the artifacts combined with classy designs is what modifies a residence into an ultra-luxurious livable space. This is precisely what we try to achieve through our designs.
Observing today’s real estate market and continuous rapid decrease in usable carpet space, upmost use of each and every corner of house by crisp space management in the available area becomes significant. The foldability of various functions acts as a key factor while dealing with the compact carpet spaces in today’s era. Keeping these key pointers in mind while designing, we provide you with the most efficiently utilized and visually appealing residence you could wish for.